3-Day Speaker Experience
Essentials For Your Soul Signature Talk

“We are all meant to shine, as children do....And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” 

Marianne Williamson
Thank you for answering the call to speak and for the audacity it takes to make it your business to get your message out. 
If you want to be your most authentic, compelling, soulful self every time you speak, this event is designed for you. 

Many speakers think that when you give a perfectly articulated, well-polished presentation, that you'll be inundated with speaking opportunities and that more people will want to do business with you.

The problem is, it doesn't work that way. 

If you're too polished and too perfect, people can't relate to you.  What people can relate to though, is your quirky, imperfect, exquisite authentic self.

The typical speaker training focuses on a generic presentation outline and how to gesture from stage.  The problem is when you are following a cookie-cutter formula, it rarely works. You sound formulaic and you actually push people away. That's because the uniqueness of your soul's message is buried alive. 

It's time to awaken to your unique, soul-filled message.

When you shine your light and finally speak from the soul (the message that you have been preparing to deliver your entire life), then your people find you and hire you.

Join me for the Speak and Shine Your Light 3-Day Speaker Experience.​​​​​​​ You deserve to reveal your path to speaking success and increased business growth. 


At Speak and Shine Your Light
3-day speaker experience you will:

                * Dive into the question, "What's my soul-filled message?"

          * Finally understand how you've been unconsciously sabotaging your success.

          * Understand the ins and outs of landing more lucrative Speaking Opportunities.

          * Master your ability to be more compelling and charismatic on any stage,
including any selling situation.

          * Be seen for your power and your grace naturally attracting more business.

          * How to craft a talk that consistently has audiences saying to themselves, "I Want That!" 


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October 2018
Los Angeles California

Trust me, I get that "just be yourself" is easy to say, but I know for me it has been the hardest thing I've ever tried to do.  When I was first starting out as a speaker in my 30's I was told, "Susan, you can do anything but it is who you are being that is the issue!"  I didn't know how to do any better being than I was already doing.  How could I not  "just be myself?"   I felt like a failure.  

It took me 25 years to find some amazing ways to give us all easy access to being ourselves and sharing our most authentic self from stage every time we speak.

For much of my life, I wondered, "what's my message?" I felt called to speak, but I had no idea what I was to speak about. My years of speaking had all been using pre-scripted manuals. I never thought I had anything of my own to say.  Truthfully, the walls I built to keep me safe also kept me hidden in plain view.  I realized how afraid I was to speak up, to be seen, to shine.  Trusting that being vulnerable is safe is surprisingly the key to shining.  Often it is our having walked through the darkness that allows us to illuminate the way for others. 
 “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle. Yet, one candle can illuminate all the darkness.”
Hassidic proverb
When you shine your light,
your people find you.

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October 2018
Los Angeles California

"It didn’t take long for me to recognize that Susan’s gift of bringing out our true gifts and giving us permission to shine was just what I needed.  I can’t thank Susan enough for all she’s done to improve my life, my business, and my bottom line!"

Coach Lia Dunlap
The Oracle on Purpose

"After 3 days at Speak and Shine Your Light, I feel so aligned with my message and the response has been wonderful!  At a networking event, I got as far as, "I show people how to have compassion for their anxiety" and a woman literally threw her arms around me and said, "I love you, I need this!"  I was stunned.    Another woman blurted out in the middle of our conversation, "Can I hire you?" -which has never happened before - and she signed up for a VIP session!" 

Lynn Hauka


"Speak and Shine Your Light helped me get in my body, speak from my heart and find my fun in my delivery. In the past, I was told not to laugh in my speech.  Susan gave me permission to be myself, have fun with my audience and laugh together.  In a recent speech contest I made it to the finals and delivered 7 minutes of a 20 minute speech on stress that was captivating. I was just getting to my 2nd secret on how to have stress go around you instead of through you when the buzzer went off and the judges didn't want me to stop!  They loved it.  They said I was so comfortable in my body and my laugh was infectious.   I won 2nd place and won a $2,000 paid speaking gig and a publishing contract for my next book. I knew what I was going to say and trusted it would come from my heart and I was totally comfortable with that."  

Lorri Lockyer, MSc
Women's Wellness Expert and Author

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October 2018
Los Angeles California

Susan Kerby
(707) 800-9411
Meet Susan Kerby

“People awake and present to life. Ordinary people transforming the world with their words. A world that works for everyone. This shall be.” 

Susan Kerby,  Life Mission Statement written 1998 
Susan Kerby is a speaker and master speaker trainer who speaks about how to get your authentic voice out into the world to small business owners and corporate professionals. During her 25-year speaking career, Susan has worked with publicly traded companies, international training organizations and icons of public speaking.
An award-winning speaker who has transformed over 15,000 lives from stage, she has written countless talks with clients in over 20 different industries. After losing her home and a lifetime of possessions in a wildfire, Susan shares her own growth through transition and the importance of sharing your story to inspire others.
I am Susan Kerby and I am committed to honor, belonging and enchanted play. Answering this call myself, I have been rewarded with a blessed life. For 25 years my husband has been managing the back of the room in my seminars because he loves me and even more so because watching the moments of personal and professional growth of my clients inspires him.  We just moved into an stunning home in Carefree, AZ where we will host my VIP clients and 5 day speaker immersion retreats. The desert view from our home is as breathtaking as the one in the photo above day after day. (The red-sun-over-mountains photo  above is one of many I have taken from the steps leading down to our infinity pool.)

Surrendering to the call however, is not always easy.

“The darker the situation, the brighter your light will shine.” 

Joel Osteen

October 10, 2017 at 1 am, we lost our home and a lifetime of possessions in a wildfire that swept through Santa Rosa, CA and took 5,000 homes.  I felt both loss and freedom. I felt called to go. It was time to trust and leap yet again.  I had evidence for my faith. Even having been 210 lbs and hundreds of thousands in debt had turned out well and made a difference for others who wanted to know what I'd done.  I learned you can both be vulnerable and safe. I have come to see that sharing the darkness we walk through life is more inspiring than the brightest of days. Authenticity is what builds trust and desire. I am grateful that everything we go through is of value to someone when you are a speaker.   Truth is, everything in life has been preparing you for this moment as you bring your message to life.  Everything belongs.

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October 2018
Los Angeles California

You have a message to deliver.
Your message can change lives.
Give the people looking for you a chance to find you.